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Joan Magagna -> Can't open puzzles on my mac (5/17/2008 12:28:12 PM)

I have downloaded Flash -- and it says it was successfully loaded. But I can't open any puzzles in My Conceptis. Using Mac OS X 10.5.2 on Safari. Any suggestions?

gilg -> RE: Can't open puzzles on my mac (5/17/2008 12:36:59 PM)

I suggest the following:

1. Make sure no pop-up blocker is blocking the player pop-up and that the Flash is activated (click twice if not sure)
2. Download Firefox (works, tested) or Opera (works, tested on Win XP).
3. Wait for a fix for Safari...


unime -> RE: Can't open puzzles on my mac (5/17/2008 2:44:18 PM)

When I "test" your site with OS X and Firefox, it does not work! I'm a savvy computer guru, but I can't see what's wrong.

moonwatcher -> RE: Can't open puzzles on my mac (5/17/2008 7:10:09 PM)

Puzzle player open up in popup to allow you to make use of the full size of the screen when solving. Most browsers (Firefox, Safari, IE...) block almost all popups by default. the smart ones allow you to specify exceptions and allow specific sites you trust to open popups. as far as i can see all popups from are puzzle players so its quite safe to add that exception. Safari for some reason doesn't this fine grained exception control for popups so you can either enable or disable popup blocking. To do this go to "Safari > Block Pop-Up windows" on the Safari menu.

if you have issues with both firefox and safari on OSX, make sure you don't have some other third party filter/proxy/firewall software interfering.


unime -> RE: Can't open puzzles on my mac (5/18/2008 12:06:52 AM)

No, the problem I have is that the flash object "flash/3/34.swf" will not run. This object is the button you click on to get the popup. I can't even request the popup.

Joan Magagna -> RE: Can't open puzzles on my mac (5/18/2008 7:10:35 PM)

Thanks. unblocking pop-ups did the trick. Now enjoying puzzles.

Val Marie -> RE: Can't open puzzles on my mac (5/20/2008 5:08:33 AM)

I also use Safari on a Mac and couldn't open any puzzles. The suggestion to unblock the Pop Up Blocker worked for me. Thanks for the info.

Impish -> RE: Can't open puzzles on my mac (5/20/2008 2:49:51 PM)

For others who still have problems, the culprit may be the version of the Flash plug-in you have installed. The newer versions are creating problems rather than solving them.

See this article from MacFixit about down-dating to version 9.47. I did it, and all Flash sites are working normally again.

Hope this helps!

MacFixit Article

sharris37 -> RE: Can't open puzzles on my mac (5/20/2008 9:35:55 PM)

Another suggestion for those having trouble seeing the puzzles in Safari. Check to see that your Java is up to date. When I updated my Java the puzzles showed up, and now everything works fine.


logiclover -> RE: Can't open puzzles on my mac (5/24/2008 4:56:11 PM)

I use Firefox - unblocked - with Mac G4 10.3.9. I used to get the play-on-line puzzles, but now in lieu I get "Content Load Failed. Error #2036"
Disappointed at Conceptis for not anticipating problems and for not advising that downloading would be a problem, if at all possible.

sarahroxon -> RE: Can't open puzzles on my mac (7/1/2022 7:52:42 AM)

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