New line of casual puzzle games debuts with Mix Sudoku Light Vol.1

Thursday, October 28, 2010 New line of casual puzzle games debuts with Mix Sudoku Light Vol.1

A new line of “Light” casual puzzle games is now available free from conceptispuzzles.com. The first game, already released, is titled Mix Sudoku Light Vol.1 containing a collection of 6 different Sudoku variants. More games will be released every few weeks to cover Conceptis’ full range of puzzles.

Each Light game can be played in 3 different ways: online, on a new Facebook application titled Logic Puzzle Starters*, online, on major casual gaming portals, and offline, as a downloadable desktop application. All 3 versions of each Light game contain the same set of puzzles.

Where to play?

Where to play?

To play Mix Sudoku Light on Facebook click 'Go to application' in the Logic Puzzle Starters* application profile or install directly by clicking here. If you'd like to stay updated with new releases click the Like button at the bottom of the More Games application tab. To play Mix Sudoku Light as a web application you can visit the following pages on Kongregate, NewGrounds or Nonoba. To play Mix Sudoku Light offline (Windows only) download the desktop application here.

New Light games will be released continuously with a new game published every few weeks. Each release will include a brand new game or a new volume of an existing game. For example, the next Light release will be dedicated to B&W Pic-a-Pix.

We need your support!

We need your support!

If you like the new Light series we can use your support! Clicking ‘Like’ and commenting the first game on Facebook is great... but how about using the ‘Invite Friends’ option asking them to come and give it a try?

Or what about voting and commenting on some gaming sites? Each new Light game is released on several major sites such as Kongregate (shown below), NewGrounds and Nonoba and the more ratings and comments we can get from our fans the higher the games will appear on the list.

"Super nice :D LOVE IT... 5/5"

Mix Sudoku Light Vol.1 on Kongregate

Following is a review published by a player named sirspikey on Kongregate (Thanks, sirspikey!):

"Super nice :D LOVE IT. One of the best Sudoku-games out there although I would like some superhard levels. Keep the levels coming though, maybe an editor and a playerspack. 5/5"

*Update June 6, 2012: Logic Puzzle Starters app on Facebook has been discontinued. You may continue playing same games on the other platforms mentioned above.

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