Conceptis Website Privacy Policy


Conceptis Ltd. provides puzzle gaming services. Our services are ad-free, monetized entirely through paid content and fully comply with corresponding state laws and third-party service policies.

Member profile

Member profile data is obtained when registering to and can be viewed here. This information is never shared with any third party services. The only information required for registering is a username, country and a valid email address. Your username and country, as well as the date when you joined our service are public. Your Email address is always private.

More optional profile information is available in the member page, including your name, GMT offset and forum viewing preferences. This information is always private.

You can delete your member profile data. This action will delete all the information about you from our server and can not be undone. To delete your profile go to your member profile, scroll to the bottom of the page, confirm the statements, insert your password, and click 'Delete my profile'.

Third-Party Services

We use the service of Google Analytics to measure traffic statistics on the website. This service collects anonymous depersonalized information about our website visitors. View Google Analytics Privacy Policy.

We use Facebook’s “Page Plugin” to provide “Find us on Facebook” functionality as well as “Like Button for the Web” to provide our users with the ability to “Like” and share content on the website with their Facebook friends. These services collect anonymous depersonalized information about our website visitors. View Facebook Privacy Policy.

We use AddThis Share Buttons to provide content sharing functionality on various social networks. View AddThis Privacy Policy.

Data Collected by Third Party Services

We use Google Analytics to automatically gather, analyze, and store technical non personal identifiable information about our website visitors. This includes information such as browser type, ISP, referring page, computer operating system, date/time and clickstream data.

How the Data is Used

Google Analytics data is used for the purposes of improving the service, for example for tracking the total number of users or visitors to the service, their aggregated activities on the service, gameplay data and other gameplay analytics, as well as for tracking websites and apps that refer visitors to our service.

Google Analytics also allow us to run advertising campaigns to promote our services on the Google platforms, as well as on third-party websites which are part of the Google ads networks. The data is collected by Google on an aggregated anonymous basis and is used to assess and improve the performance and effectiveness of our campaigns.

Data from our Third-Party services is processed and analyzed by our team members for the exclusive purpose of improving our services.

Opting-Out of Third-Party Services

To opt-out of tracking by and sharing your information with third-party services follow the provided links:

Google Analytics: You can opt out of Google Analytics for desktop. To opt-out of tracking by and sharing your desktop browsing information with Google Analytics visit the Official Google Analytics Opt-Out Tool page.

Facebook: You can remove our website from your Facebook account and optionally delete its associated posts, videos or events posted on your timeline. To do so, go to Facebook's Settings & Privacy > Settings > Apps and Websites, find "Conceptis Puzzles" and click the "Remove" option. Go to your Facebook settings.


We use cookies to hold your username and viewing options and allow you to login to our services. For instructions on how to enable or disable cookies in your browser see here.

Personal Information Security

We use SSL encryption and other technologies to keep your data safe when transferred and stored. We've also put appropriate security measures in place to prevent personal information from being accidentally lost, or used or accessed in an unauthorized way.

How to contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about this privacy policy or the information we hold about you. If you wish to contact us please send an email to