BMN Launches First Conceptis Android Game in China

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 BMN Launches First Conceptis Android Game in China

Conceptis is proud to announce its cooperation with Beijing Media Network (BMN) to provide a series of Android puzzle games in China. The first app, Fill-a-Pix, is already available for download and will be followed by Sudoku and other apps later on this year. BMN is a government-owned television network in China, broadcasting several channels from Beijing and covering China, Asia and North America.

Top-tier partner

“We are very excited about our partnership with BMN” says Dave Green, President of Conceptis. “Finding a top-tier partner in the world of Chinese media was a huge challenge for Conceptis but with BMN we know we found a perfect match. We are confident that both companies will enjoy the fruits of this cooperation, together with millions of Chinese gamers who are seeking for brain-stimulating thinking games with educational benefits”.

BMN Launches First Conceptis Android Game in China

Fill-a-Pix for Android in China was introduced by BMN during the opening ceremony of the World Junior Sudoku Championship (WJSC), held last week in Beijing. While the app was presented to journalists a QR Code was projected on large screens (shown in the above photo), making it easy for everyone to download the app and experience Fill-a-Pix on their own devices.

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