Hidden Shapes Puzzles

Tuesday, September 7, 2004 Hidden Shapes Puzzles Hidden Shapes Puzzles Hidden Shapes Puzzles: She solves...

No white sheet for me… never! I got an “official” job as a teacher for children. It consumes a few hours of my week. I use the rest of the time to blacken sheets night and day. I have other “side” jobs: painter, writer, illustrator, game creator - everything that is useful for avoiding the depth of the white sheet.

One day I discovered Conceptis logic puzzles; what a funny way to blacken sheets! Soon, the demon of creation took me again and I have decided to create some puzzles of my own. My wife began solving them and I just couldn’t stop making them (does she become addicted?)

“Gimme more!!!” who’s that voice? Oh! My wife can talk between two puzzles! So do I. But soon, I started feeling unsatisfied providing someone else's puzzles. Conceptis Free Weekly Puzzles section offers many very good puzzles. I wanted to do something else. I came up with two of my own puzzle types: Logic Ant-Hill, which I am still working on and may disclose in the future, and Hidden Shapes puzzles, which I would like to use this opportunity to present.

Shivering, I am begging my wife to test my puzzles; in my mind, she gets numbered squares instead of eyes. She takes my puzzles and rules with her. Judgment (roll on the drum)… she loves it! But was it a good idea? It was not a very good treatment for her addiction nor mine.

Nevertheless, I hope that all logic-addicts will welcome this ineffective treatment that is hidden inside my Hidden Shapes.

And what’s next? I hope to commercialize the Hidden Shapes concept, present Logic Ant-Hill and create new concepts. All I need are a few 36 hours days to provide my wife with some more time to puzzle.

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