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Terribly Twisted Crosswords


96 page downloadable PDF book containing 70 twisted crossword puzzles such as cubed, diagonal, round, sequential and many more in intermediate difficulty levels.

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  • Added: Jan 10, 2012
  • Number of pages: 96
  • File format: PDF
  • Printable on: A4 and Letter
  • Language: English
  • ID: 100031


  • Puzzle types: Crosswords with a twist such as cubed, diagonal, round, sequential and many more
  • Number of puzzles: 70
  • Difficulty levels: Intermediate

Editorial review

It happens to every crossword lover at some point: a feeling of sameness sets in, and the standard puzzles just don’t pack enough punch anymore. What’s needed is a twist and a tweak—and that’s exactly what Henry Hook, creator of the original Twisted Crosswords collection, provides! These out-of-the-ordinary crosswords offer a higher level of challenge, with some diagrams that literally break out of the box—including “Around and Abouts” that go in a circle. For “Marching Bands,” the solver has to figure out where one answer ends and another begins. And there are also Honeycombs; Intersections, with two clues per number; Mazes; Pathfinders, where the words make right-handed turns; and many more.

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