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jesseamber -> Pic-a-pix pencil in app? (12/25/2022 3:08:28 PM)

When playing pic-a-pix in a browser, there is a handy “pencil” tool that lets you put circles in the squares (for whatever purpose you’d like). Is there a reason this isnt part of the pic-a-pix iOS app? Am I missing something? To me this is a crucial tool to help solve the mega puzzles. Thanks!

Admin -> RE: Pic-a-pix pencil in app? (12/25/2022 4:25:08 PM)

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. The "Mark squares" feature in Pic-a-Pix Online you mention is useful indeed, especially when solving large puzzles. It's been on our mobile app wish list ever since we released the first app but we always had other tasks which were with higher priority. Right now we are working on an Assistant feature for Pic-a-Pix, and hopefully we will be able to add the Mark square feature later on.

Thanks, Dave

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