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JDSeese -> Tic-tac-logic stuck! (12/24/2022 2:17:24 PM)


I have been staring at this one for ages trying to figure out the next step.
I hate to solve by "guessing" trial and error... I want to grasp the logic.

Any suggestions?

hok0003 -> RE: Tic-tac-logic stuck! (12/31/2022 2:25:07 AM)

This might end up being too close to trial and error, but the green squares in col11 need 2 X and 1 O, so the blue squares next to them in col12 need 1 X and 2 O, so the orange squares in col12 need 2 X and 1 O.

An O in the first or third orange square would lead to an X in the same rows in col14, so either way the yellow square at row5 col14 would be an O, but that leads to the second orange square also being an O.
Therefore the orange O can only be in the second square.


JDSeese -> RE: Tic-tac-logic stuck! (1/1/2023 9:20:13 PM)

Thank you so much!

Checking on "An O in the first or third orange square would lead to an X in the same rows in col14"
If an O were placed in the first orange square, why couldn't there be an O in row1 col14?

I really struggle with these harder tic-tacs, more than any other puzzles on this site.
Either I am missing something or they are the most challenging!

I am stuck on a different one now!

hok0003 -> RE: Tic-tac-logic stuck! (1/2/2023 6:41:39 AM)

Oh, right. The first row needs 3 more X and O.
You can break it down into 3 pairs that must contain at least one O each, and therefore exactly one O and one X.


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