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Gear -> Need help to advance (11/2/2022 3:29:05 AM)

Someone could help me in this puzzle? I trying to everything but nothing works. If have any advanced techniques to apply on this, I will be thankful to learn.
Link to image (file is too large):

mig23 -> RE: Need help to advance (11/4/2022 3:54:16 AM)

It looks like you can place some x's in the second last column - the 'ones' as the last digit in the bottom few rows mean that some of the squares in the second last column can't be filled in. Hope that helps.

Gear -> RE: Need help to advance (11/4/2022 9:09:48 AM)

Like this?

It was the last thing I found today trying to solve. Thank you for your help.

mig23 -> RE: Need help to advance (11/4/2022 1:05:37 PM)

Exactly! It looks like you've done a great job so far - I haven't yet noticed anything else. When I get stuck I try to do the edges, so maybe look at the top row. Can you decide maybe where the fives need to go?

Gear -> RE: Need help to advance (11/4/2022 9:21:37 PM)

I think it would be like this:
However I would like to solve the puzzle logically, not by my intuition. I just wanted to find a way to prove my assumption is correct.

hok0003 -> RE: Need help to advance (11/5/2022 4:13:19 AM)

Around the middle - Row20 Col40.
There's not enough room for two 2's between that and the block of 3 that must be part of the 6 in that row. So it must be part of one of the 2's.


Gear -> RE: Need help to advance (11/6/2022 9:19:12 PM)

Thanks, I found one of 2 but I'm not sure which of the 2 blocks it is. I discovered little yesterday that would unlock the rest of the puzzle, unfortunately

hok0003 -> RE: Need help to advance (11/8/2022 1:56:14 AM)

With Row20Col41 filled in, we have now completed the 5 in Col41 and left two options for the 1: Rows 23 or 24.
We don't know which one, but both rows have a 3 as the next clue, so either way will fill in the last square required in Col42. The rest of that column can therefore be crossed out.


Gear -> RE: Need help to advance (11/9/2022 4:31:05 PM)

Thank you very much for your tip, thanks to it I managed to unlock the rest of the puzzle! I admit that I made a few mistakes and I had to redo it based on the answer, but I managed to end up erasing the errors and redoing the rest in logic. I will try to do more big puzzles like this one (maybe redo it from scratch someday again) to fix everything I learned in it and everything I learned from you all, thank you so much!!! :D

The complete puzzle below:

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