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Mega Nonogramm Now Available on Amazon

Thursday, October 8, 2015 Mega Nonogramm 01 by Küng Verlag AG

Mega Nonogramm 01, the first printed collection of Conceptis Mega Pic-a-Pix puzzles published by Küng Verlag AG, is now available on Amazon Germany and Amazon UK and will soon be available on Amazon US.

Mega Nonogramm 01 contains 20 challenging Pic-a-Pix puzzles in sizes 80x50 to 100x70, printed on separate A3 double-pages, and packed in a beautiful plastic-wrapped high quality folder (shown below).

A must-have collector's item

The collection is available for international orders and includes solutions to all puzzles. Instructions of the first issue are in German, though any puzzler familiar with Pic-a-Pix can solve these puzzles.

If you are a Pic-a-Pix fan and looking for the ultimate puzzle challenge Mega Nonogramm 01 is a must-have collector's item that will keep you busy and happy for weeks if not months.

Küng Verlag AG has been publishing Conceptis puzzles since the debut of their Blick-Sudoku magazine in 2006 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In addition to logic puzzles, the company also publishes books and magazines with crosswords, word search, and quiz puzzles.

Mega Nonogramm 01 (folder cover) Mega Nonogramm 01 (solutions)

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