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Conceptis Expert Puzzles 2: Test Your Brains with 50 More of the World's Toughest Logic Puzzles

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 Conceptis Puzzle Experts Issue 2

Conceptis Expert Puzzles Issue 2, the second in a new PDF book series featuring challenging logic puzzle collections, is now available for download on Conceptis Book Store.

Brought to you by Conceptis and Hns Eendebak, captain of the Dutch national puzzle team in the World Puzzle and World Sudoku championships, the book contains top quality hand crafted puzzles made by expert puzzle creators from the World Puzzle Championships.

Days of Mentally-Stimulating Entertainment

Conceptis Expert Puzzles 2 contains 50 medium to very hard puzzles including Light Up, Walls, Maxi Loop, Dominoes, Sudoku XV, Tents, Binary Puzzle, Minesweeper, Araf, Neighbours, Renban, Magnets, Pentopia, Laser, Creek, Coded Tetrominoes, No Four in a Row, Easy as ABCDE, Clouds, Domino Castle, Battleships, Crazy Paving and many more.

Download a free 4-puzzle sampler now, or buy the whole book at 1,000 Conceptis Credits, and start testing your brains with more of the world's toughest logic puzzles! It will keep your grey matter busy for days of mentally-stimulating entertainment.

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