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Introducing Binoxxo 01: The world's first downloadable Tic-Tac-Logic book

Thursday, August 29, 2013 Binoxxo 01

Binoxxo 01, a downloadable collection of Tic-Tac-Logic puzzles designed for self-printing on home or office printers is now available on Conceptis Book Store.

Binoxxo 01 by Swiss publisher Küng Verlag AG, is the world's first book to offer Tic-Tac-Logic puzzles by Conceptis. The 63 page downloadable PDF contains 192 Binoxxo (Tic-Tac-Logic) puzzles in easy, medium and hard difficulty levels.

Download a PDF sampler

Küng Verlag AG has been publishing Conceptis puzzles since the debut of their Blick-Sudoku magazine in 2006 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

In addition to logic puzzle books the company also publish a range of books and magazines with other puzzle types such as quiz puzzles, crosswords and word search.

To purchase Binoxxo 01 or download a PDF sampler of the book go to this page.