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New book shows how logic puzzles can turn math problem solving into fun

Monday, December 3, 2012 Enjoying Math: Learning Problem Solving with KenKen Puzzles

A new downloadable PDF book now available free on Conceptis Book Store aims to improve student creative skills and turn math problem solving into fun by using logic puzzles. Targeted at grade 4-7 teachers the book shows how KenKen puzzles can turn mathematical problem solving into fun and how student motivation can be dramatically increased.

With 200 puzzle related exercises, "Enjoying Math: Learning Problem Solving with KenKen Puzzles" is a collection of lesson plans by NASA scientist and math teacher Dr. Deepak Kulkarni. Students can use this problem solving book along with a puzzle book or a puzzle website such as conceptispuzzles.com to improve their math skills while having fun.

The ideal bridge

Professor Harold Reiter, former chair of national AMC10 and AMC12 competitions and Professor of Mathematics at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte has described Kulkarni's book as "the ideal bridge from the solving of elementary puzzles to algebra". Kulkarni also runs a WikiBook titled Learning Problem Solving with Fun Math Puzzles where other teachers are invited to share their lessons and collaborate to make math-learning a more enjoyable experience.

Enjoying Math: Learning Problem Solving with KenKen Puzzles is published by Recreational Math Publications and is available on Amazon in paperback ($3.99) and Kindle ($2.99) editions as well as for Nook readers ($0.99) on Barnes & Nobel. For Conceptis fans, the book is available free of charge. To get your copy visit this page in our Book Store.

About Dr. Deepak Kulkarni

Dr. Deepak Kulkarni is a scientist in NASA's Intelligent Systems Division and a math teacher. Over the last ten years Dr. Kulkarni has been successfully using logic puzzles to teach creative problem solving to students. Following his lessons, his students have significantly improved both their creative problem solving and puzzle solving skills. Kulkarni's students have included top scorers in elementary and middle school math competitions.