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johntimber -> Connection issues / timeouts (7/17/2018 10:49:58 AM)


Is it me, or is there an issue with the server (I am located in Kenya)? Or it simply a connection issue. Whenever I solve a puzzle in the last few days, I get all kind of time-out errors. Subsequently, I have to wait for minutes, before I actually get to the page that I want to access. So doing puzzles quickly is next to impossible. And on some occassions, the submitted completed puzzle does get registered, but sometimes not. So I have to keep all windows open, until I can actually confirm that the solution I submitted has been registered. Today the difficult 8x8 bugged out on me, so I had to resubmit the solution - luckily I had kept the window with the solution open, as it would have taken me some time, to redo that puzzleThis makes it really annoying to do puzzles, as sometimes the save puzzle feature does not work either (which means that I often have to restart puzzles from scratch). I think I also missed out on a bonus-point for a 5x5 timed puzzle due to that.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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