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Bimaru brings Conceptis Battleships to iPad, iPhone and Android smart phones

Thursday, March 1, 2012 Bimaru brings Conceptis Battleships to iPad, iPhone and Android smart phones

Bimaru, a multi-platform app by Rätsel Agentur for playing Conceptis Battleships, is now available for iPhone, iPad and Android smart phones.

Bimaru combines game play elements of Sudoku, Shrino and Picross where your mission is to find the location of the hidden ships using the numbers along the grid as guides.

Developed in Switzerland by publishing company Rätsel Agentur AG, Bimaru contains 30 free Battleship puzzles with multiple difficulty levels, all made by Conceptis and available exclusively on this game. Grid sizes are 10x10 for iPad and 6x6 for iPhone and Android phones with additional puzzle volumes available for all devices via In-App Purchase.

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Puzzle features

  • 30 free puzzle samples
  • Top quality puzzles
  • Unique solution for each puzzle
  • Grid sizes 10x10 for iPad, 6x6 for iPhone and Android
  • Multiple difficulty levels
  • Hours of intellectual challenge and fun
  • Sharpens logic and improves cognitive skills

Gaming features

  • Touchscreen design
  • Full-step Undo and Redo
  • Show errors during gameplay
  • Check puzzle
  • Track puzzle solving times


Bimaru for iPad, iPhone and Android is free. Additional puzzle volumes are available via In App Purchase.

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