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Hashi as an Intro to Graph Theory

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 Hashi as an Intro to Graph Theory
Ian VanderSchee

Ian VanderSchee

I am a high school math teacher and have been playing Hashi by Conceptis for a long time. I first saw it in an issue of Games magazine several years ago. It was always the first thing I would go to when a new issue arrived in the mail. Then I discovered the iPhone and iPad app that Conceptis had released, and was thrilled.

It wasn’t until last year, though, that I saw the opportunity to use Hashi to introduce my math unit on Graph Theory, the study of optimizing a network of points by using a limited number of edges. Hashi is perfect for talking about Graph Theory related concepts such as “minimum spanning trees” and the “Chinese Postman problem”.

As addicted to it as me

Originally, I only meant to use the game as an introduction to the unit, but before I knew it my students were as addicted to it as me! I often saw them playing Hashi instead of working on their assignments but I never corrected them, since not just they were challenging themselves, they were also challenging each other - comparing solving in a competitive yet friendly manner.

I definitely plan to use Hashi again this school year. I only hope that this year’s students appreciate it as much. I have yet to find another game that is as applicable, as challenging, and as enjoyably addictive as Conceptis Hashi. Shown above is a photo of Pooja, one of my students, enjoying Hashi on her iPhone. During her summer vacation.

About the Author

Ian VanderSchee is an IB Math and Algebra Teacher, serving his 11th year at Coppell High School, Texas, US. He is also a pianist, Canadian, husband and father of two. Ian can be reached through his school web page or personal Twitter @ivschee.

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