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Cross-a-Pix for iPhone and iPad Now Available

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 Cross-a-Pix for iPhone and iPad

Conceptis Cross-a-Pix for iPhone and iPad, a new brain-bending puzzle game that lets you reveal hidden pixel-art pictures by pure logic deduction, is now available on the App Store.

Cross-a-Pix features over 200 puzzles in a wide range of sizes and difficulty levels, ranging from 7x7 for beginners to 45x60 for the experts. The game offers 50 free puzzles to get you started, as well as an extra free puzzle which is released each week. More puzzle volumes will be published regularly. All puzzles are manually created by artists and have unique solutions.

For complete feature list and game screenshots check the official app page on conceptispuzzles.com or the AppStore.

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Cross-a-Pix, also known as Campixu, PoliPix and Crazy Paving, is a fun and addictive region-filling puzzle. Each puzzle consists of a blank grid, divided into various regions, with clues to the left of every row and at the top of every column. The object is to reveal a hidden picture by painting squares and filling regions according to the given clues.

Cross-a-Pix puzzles come in two variants: SingleClue which requires the analysis of one clue in each row and column and DualClue which requires the analysis of two clues in each row and column. Are you up for the challenge? Download Conceptis Cross-a-Pix and start solving right now!

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