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Muthu-Ayyappan -> A New Puzzle regarding... (5/27/2021 4:14:40 PM)

Good News to the Puzzle Lovers.
My Journey for Searching a new puzzle next to Sudoku ends here. I have designed a new Logic Puzzle named SASTAK with 16*16 grid size with 160 filled numbers from 0 to 9.The Game is to fill the empty boxes of the 16 compartments with numbers from 0 to 9 without repeating any in a Column or Row.The Puzzle is very interesting ,exciting and a real challenge to the brain .Thanks all.

mig23 -> RE: A New Puzzle regarding... (5/28/2021 5:54:54 PM)

I'll have to try one out when they are ready. Is there a link?

Muthu-Ayyappan -> RE: A New Puzzle regarding... (5/31/2021 9:50:57 AM)

A Link will be sent soon. Thanks.

alucca -> RE: A New Puzzle regarding... (6/2/2021 3:28:32 AM)

Then its difficulty will increase many times, interesting! That sentence bank still doesn't seem to be much with such a data size, you can refer to the source in impostor quizz game

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