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Snookerfan -> Fill-a-pix (very hard) app for phone (10/3/2019 8:17:12 AM)

Sometimes I buy a set of very hard fill-a-pix puzzles on my phone. Sometimes these are indeed very hard and therefore (for me at least) enjoyable, but more often than not they are too easy to be labeled very hard and they feel like a simple fill-out.
I think Conceptis should make more effort to classify the puzzles correctly, because it is stopping me and maybe others from purchasing these puzzles, being afraid that they may be too easy.
Furthermore I don't understand why there are tab-only fill-a-pix puzzles, that I cannot play on my phone. If I could, I would, because these might be harder to solve and giving nicer pictures, therefore giving more satisfaction. I would think that most phones can handle the larger sizes?

Admin -> RE: Fill-a-pix (very hard) app for phone (10/3/2019 8:31:45 AM)

When we released Fill-a-Pix on smartphones about 8 years ago, we decided to limit the size due to device performance. Now that smartphones are much faster we are considering to enable all "iPad/Tab" volumes to be played on iPhones and smartphones.

Thanks, Dave

Shiren5 -> RE: Fill-a-pix (very hard) app for phone (2/9/2021 1:28:46 AM)

Not only fill-a-pix but also block-a-pix, sym-a-pix, link-a-pix are happy to be able to play all puzzles on smartphone devices.

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