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KariJG2005 -> Earth mazes - 15 is Wizard of Oz (6/19/2010 3:20:01 PM)

I was looking at the feature this week about mazes that have been created in fields, and each one is briefly described. There are 21 listed and included here, picture mazes carved in farm fields, with pictures from GoogleEarth. What fun!

I was looking through the pictures, and saw that number 15 is just titled Landscape, but it is clearly intended to be a picture of the Wizard of Oz. There is the yellow brick road, the Emerald City, and even the air balloon which is how Dorothy eventually gets home to Kansas....did anyone else see this? I wonder why it was not described that way in the post?

Thank you,
Kari Jean-Gilles

sharonella -> RE: Earth mazes - 15 is Wizard of Oz (6/19/2010 8:59:32 PM)

I think you are correct, Kari. Good eye!

I also wonder if #14 & #18 aren't based on the new US quarters - the states of Washington & Colorado, respectively - since I don;t collect the quarters, I don't have any handy to check...


Purple_Pisces -> RE: Earth mazes - 15 is Wizard of Oz (6/20/2010 12:19:20 AM)

I went back and looked at the mazes and #15 does look like "The Wizard of Oz" You can even see a rainbow over the Emerald City.

I missed the Washington design but the Colorado maze made me think immediately of the state quarters.

Talihoe -> RE: Earth mazes - 15 is Wizard of Oz (6/20/2010 4:46:09 AM)


You are correct.  #14 and #18 are images of the Washington and Colorado state quarters.


gilg -> RE: Earth mazes - 15 is Wizard of Oz (6/20/2010 10:51:43 AM)

Many thanks @Kari and @sharonella for the enlightening comments! How could have we miss that...
Revised accordingly, here

sharonella -> RE: Earth mazes - 15 is Wizard of Oz (6/21/2010 3:17:33 AM)

nice to be of help - although I admit I didn't even really notice the "quarters" the 1st time - only when I went back to look at the Wizard of Oz maze did I take a fresh look at all of them... Thanks Kari!


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