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fstam -> Dot-a-Pic and Maze-a-Pic (5/9/2010 10:30:19 AM)

Hello everyone at Conceptis,

My family loves your site, because there are puzzles that interest everyone.
My daughter especially loves dot-a-pic and maze-a-pic.

Just recently conceptis introduced sym-pic and within 2 months the available
puzzles were expanded from 4 per week to 6 per week. I was wondering
why more established puzzles like the ones that smaller children like to solve
aren't increased also?


dave -> RE: Dot-a-Pic and Maze-a-Pic (5/9/2010 8:33:14 PM)

Hi fstam

Maze-a-Pix and Dot-a-Pix are amongst the less-played puzzles on our website. Since they are very expensive to create we are waiting to see if they become more popular before we increase the weekly dose.

Thanks, Dave

annagraves -> RE: Dot-a-Pic and Maze-a-Pic (5/22/2010 4:36:34 AM)

i used to be a regular. guess over the summer i forgot. why the fudge shud i have to pay for this crap?!?

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