Battletaire Pro


Battletaire Pro

Battletaire Pro

Mobile phone game package for iPhone and iPod Touch containing 77 Classic Battleships puzzles in ultra easy to very hard difficulty levels.


  • Media: Mobile phone
  • Released: October 2009
  • Language: English


  • In shops: Worldwide


  • Puzzle types: Classic Battleships
  • Number of puzzles: 77
  • Difficulty Levels: ultra easy, very easy, easy, medium, medium plus, hard and very hard

Editorial review

"... Battletaire Pro combines the game play of Sudoku, Shinro and Picross where your mission is to find the location of the 10 hidden ships using the numbers along the grid as guides. Develop your logical deduction and reasoning as you solve these highly addictive puzzles". Staff Favorite Oct '09 UK and Australia,

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