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CalcuDoku Light Vol 1: Math will never be the same again!

Thursday, February 23, 2012 Released: CalcuDoku Light Vol 1

Can elementary math turn into gaming fun? Now, with the new CalcuDoku Light Vol 1 released by Conceptis, the answer is yes!

CalcuDoku are math based puzzles using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division coupled with logic. Available free as online and downloadable desktop games, CalcuDoku Light Vol 1 offers an assortment of 30 puzzles in 3 variants and mixed difficulty levels that turn math and logic into an exciting adventure.


Each CalcuDoku puzzle consists of a grid containing blocks surrounded by bold lines. The object is to fill all empty squares so that the numbers 1 to N (where N is the number of rows or columns in the grid) appear exactly once in each row and column. In addition, the numbers in each block should produce the result shown in the top-left corner of the block according to the math operation appearing on the top of the grid. In CalcuDoku a number may be used more than once in the same block.

Where to play?

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Please take a moment to review and rate our Light games on your favorite gaming website. Here are some popular destinations: JayisGames, Kongregate.

To play CalcuDoku Light Vol 1 on Facebook go to Conceptis' Logic Puzzle Starters* app.

To play the game as a casual web application visit this page on Jay is Games, a leading online magazine dedicated to casual game reviews. You may also read this JIG game review. If you like competing against other CalcuDoku fans try this page on Kongregate where CalcuDoku Light Vol 1 supports the site's High Score system.

Lastly, if you prefer playing offline, you may download the desktop application (Windows only) and install it on your computer.

*Update June 6, 2012: Logic Puzzle Starters app on Facebook has been discontinued. You may continue playing same games on the other platforms mentioned above.

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