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Tuesday, September 7, 2004 Polls by Conceptis fans: Sillyliss

Does your gender influence your puzzle preference? Do you prefer solving color or B&W puzzles? Do you enjoy working online on a PC or on paper, with the good old pencil and eraser?

A series of polls about Conceptis puzzles was independently done by Sillyliss and gothesque, two of the most active Conceptis puzzle fans. These fun to read polls shed some light on the puzzling preferences of Conceptis community.

The first poll by Sillyliss, moderator of The Puzzle Room forum, tried to measure the correlation between genders and the preferred type of puzzle. The results of this poll were very interesting: Females preferred FAP while males preferred PAP. Of the females polled, 42% mentioned FAP as their favorite puzzle compared to only 33% of the males, while of the males polled, 46% described PAP as their favorite puzzle compared to only 29% of the females. In addition, 29% of the females chose LAP as their favorite puzzle comparing to only 21% of the males.

Another poll by Sillyliss, also trying to measure differences between genders, was comparing solving online versus solving with pencil and paper preferences. In this case the results show no significant difference between females and males with 61% of the females and 58% of the males preferring to solve the puzzles using pencil and paper.

Prefer to solve their puzzles in front of the TV

Other polls by Sillyliss deal with additional puzzle solving preferences such as color versus B&W, the importance of logic versus picture quality and more. The poll shows that 42% of the solvers prefer mostly B&W puzzles, 26% prefer mostly color puzzles, and 32% prefer both B&W and color puzzles. In addition, more than 67% of the participants said that logic is a more important element than the picture.

A separate poll was published by gothesque, a Conceptis puzzle fan from the UK. According to this poll, 42% of the puzzle fans prefer to solve their puzzles in front of the TV, while 27% prefer doing this wherever they are and "have a free second" and 27% prefer solving online or offline on their computer.

Also according to gothesque's poll, 39% of the puzzle fans solve Conceptis puzzles to "relax", 32% to keep their brain active, 16% to "fill spare time", and the remaining 13% to distract themselves from "something else".

To vote in the above polls and read about other puzzling preferences please follow the related links below.

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