A year in the life of a puzzling Child

Tuesday, June 1, 2004 Natalie and Jenna Caruso

“Mom… let me color it for you.” And that’s where it all began. My mother had bought me a book with pixel puzzles. As I got addicted to them, my daughter Jenna, who was then almost six years old, wanted to “help” me. I would mark the squares to be colored in and leave her the puzzle to “finish” for me. When I finished the book, I needed more, so I stumbled over the Conceptis website. Every week I would print out the puzzles and my daughter would insist that I print a copy for her. She would copy my puzzles, square by square, as I solved them.

May 2003

Jenna Caruso

I introduced Jenna to the online Link-a-Pix puzzles, which were much more appropriate for a child than the Pic-a-Pix puzzles, but some of them still involved much more logic than a six-year-old is capable of. I posted a message to the Conceptis forum (see “Kids Puzzles” in “Fresh Supplies”, May 15, 2003) and asked if people knew where I could buy a puzzle book for kids.

August 2003

Jenna Caruso with her Cnceptis T-shirt

Dave Green came to our rescue! He sent me 80 puzzles (Link-a-Pix and Pic-a-Pix, black-and-white and color) for my daughter to solve. The day that I came home with them, it was like Christmas in August (she was oh, so excited!).

Within the first couple of weeks, she solved five of the black-and-white Link-a-Pix puzzles. It took her anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes to solve each puzzle. Although the pictures aren’t as elaborate, she didn’t mind at all! The fact that she was doing her own puzzles thrilled her. Unfortunately, with school and after-school activities, she didn’t always have time to do puzzles, but just knowing they were there when she had time for them made her happy.

October 2003

Jenna had fall break at school, but I was quite busy at work, so I brought her in, armed with puzzles. That kept her busy and I was able to get a lot of work done. What a lifesaver these puzzles have been!

January 2004

Jenna has started working on the color Link-a-Pixes. Those are much easier for her than the black-and-white ones. She doesn’t ask me for help at all! It is funny to listen to her while she’s doing them… “There are too many sixes here… I just can’t figure it out… oh, wait… never mind.”

March 2004

Jenna will be seven next month. She still loves doing Conceptis puzzles. Every week, I have to let her do the online Link-a-Pix puzzles… sometimes before I even have a chance to do them.

May 2004

Jenna was very excited to see the new Maze-a-Pix puzzles available on the Conceptis website. She already loves to do mazes, and now to get a picture as a result makes it so much more fun! Thank you, Conceptis!

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