Conceptis Expert Puzzles 1


47 page downloadable PDF book containing 50 puzzles including Kakuro, Sudoku XV, Neighbours, Battleships, Arrows, Tents, No Four in a Row, Tapa, Yajillin, Minesweeper and many more in medium to very hard difficulty levels.


  • Hinzugefügt: Apr 03, 2014
  • Seitenzahl: 42
  • Dateiformat: PDF
  • Druckformat: A4 and Letter
  • Sprache: English
  • ID: 100089


  • Puzzle types: Crazy Paving, Dominoes Double 9, Rainstorm Radar, Star Battle, Sudoku XV, Tents, No Four in a Row, Minesweeper, Light Up, Neighbours, Arrows, Meander, Skyscrapers, Sudoku High-Low, Tapa, Yajillin, Tents, Neighbours, Japanese Sums +, No Four in a Row, Non-Consecutive Sudoku, Rainstorm Radar, Dominoes Double 9, Battleships, Easy as ABCD, Pentopia, Ripple Effect, Seethrough, Double Chaos, Consecutive Sudoku, Binary Puzzle, Turning Fences.
  • Number of puzzles: 50
  • Difficulty levels: Medium to very hard

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Test your brains with a challenging collection of the world's toughest logic puzzles! Brought to you by Conceptis and Hns Eendebak, captain of the Dutch national puzzle team in the World Puzzle and World Sudoku championships, this book contains top quality hand crafted puzzles made by expert puzzle creators from the World Puzzle Championships. Also available in this series: Conceptis Expert Puzzles 2

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