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Puzzler125 -> Holidays and Puzzles, HAPPY EASTER and Good Pessach! (4/14/2017 10:22:55 PM)

Since I spent many years first working long hours in the medical field (and my exhusband worked very long hours in his store), then I went to college f/t and grad school, I needed a fun way to escape from thinking about work and schoolwork. I've always liked puzzles but when working hard in other areas I grew to love puzzles with a passion.

Now that my boyfriend works for a theme park and therefore gets stuck working almost every holiday and I don't, I like to play games on my alone days. On this site I challenge myself with puzzles that I'm both good at and still improving lots. Frankly, I'm improving at the ones I'm good at too lately because I think I'm trying harder. On I talk to lots of people who are either housebound or lonely on holidays and it's nice to keep each other company.

I know I did paper and pen or pencil puzzles prior to 1993 and my first regular internet access but to me these are the glory days of puzzles.


KyCoo -> RE: Holidays and Puzzles, HAPPY EASTER and Good Pessach! (12/1/2017 9:19:06 AM)

Puzzles are always good. Puzzles make my mind sharp. My favorites are Sudoku and Mahjong. I play it on my tablet all the time.

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